Bridges (Lawrence, MA)

denrockbridgelabelLawrence has three rivers. It is bisected by the Merrimack which flows down from New Hampshire. The Spicket River is a northern tributary and the Shawsheen flows in from the south. The first bridge to cross the Merrimack River in this area was what was called the Andover Bridge. It would be followed by the Lawrence Bridge (Union Street), the Central Bridge, I-495 Bridge, and the I-93 bridge (not in Lawrence). There are also two canals that also have bridges over them.

There are many bridges in north Lawrence crossing the Spicket and a number in south Lawrence crossing the Shawsheen. Many of these bridges have been named in honor of local individuals of merit.

Merrimack River Bridges:
O’Leary Bridge (Broadway Bridge)
Casey Bridge (Central Bridge)
O’Reilly Bridge (I-495 Bridge)
Sirois Bridge (I-93 Bridge)
Union Street Bridge (Duck Bridge)

Spicket River Bridges:
Jimenez Bridge (on Canal Street)
Bunting Bridge (Lawrence Street)

Shawsheen River Bridges:

North Canal Bridges:
Gilbert Bridge (on Broadway)
Jimenz Bridge (Canal Street)

South Canal Bridges:
Kershaw Bridge (Broadway)

Railroad tracks
Nyhan Bridge (Salem Street)

White Pups Bridge (Union Street)

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  1. Prior to the construction of R. 495 there was another bridge over the Spicket leading from No. Parish Road into No. Andover. I suspect it resembled something like this and we used to refer to it as “broken bridge.” The stone foundation was there for years.

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