Lawrence High School (Lawrence, MA)


Lawrence High School began with the first seventeen students on the first floor of the building.  The building was located on the site of the present Oliver School and was also named after Henry K. Oliver, former mayor and superintendent of schools.  While the high school was remained in this building it was called the Oliver High School.


The second high school building was just to the east of the earlier school and was built in 1868.  This is the school that Robert Frost and his future bride would attend and graduate from in 1892.

3rdlhsThe City was growing and this great influx of new residents made the need of a new building to house the growing student body.  This building’s main entrance was  on Lawrence Street, directly across from where the Library is now.


A very large extension was added to the building towards the west in 1923.  In 1984 another extension would be added to Lawrence High School, at the rear of the building.  This structure still functions as a school.  The most recent Lawrence High School is now located at 70-71 North Parish Road in South Lawrence.

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