A People’s Map of Lawrence, Massachusetts

The map is an extension of the book A People’s Guide to Greater Boston by Joseph Nevins, Suren Moodliar, and Eleni Macrakis. This book resides in the Local History collection, which includes a section on Lawrence. Work on the project continues at bostonbook.org/sites, as well as map creation.

Kate Delaney a local artist completed the artwork. She also completed a Climate Change mural that hangs on the 2nd floor of the library.

The 24” x 36” A People’s Map of Lawrence, Massachusetts is on display located on the 2nd floor of the library.

NOTE: Since the August 2022 publication of this map the park show as item #16 has been formally named the Nunzio DiMarca Park.

Art Director/Designer: Neil Horsky

Coordinator/Writer: Joseph Nevins

Consultants: Dexter Arnold, Jim Beauchesne, Garrett Dash Nelson, Kathy Flynn, Robert Forrant, Susan Grabski, Amita Kiley, Liza Zayas

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  1. Please note the maps are also for sale at the Lawrence History Center and at Lawrence Heritage State Park!

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