Gilbert Aspeslagh Negative Collection

Teddy Roosevelt at South Lawrence Train Station

These negatives were donated the Special Collections of the Lawrence Public Library July 5, 2011 by the grandson (Glen) of Gilbert Aspeslagh.  Family legend declares that this collection was payment for a bar tab to the brother of Gilbert’s mother. 

This collection of negatives came with some remnants of the sleeves that originally held the negatives.  There is no sign of the name of the photographer.  Two sleeves had dates (1907 and 1909).  All the negatives are glass with the exception of number 31 which was possibly cellulose acetate.  Number 31 shows an image of Theodore Roosevelt standing at the back of a railroad car stationed in the South Lawrence Train Station.  There is a large crowd and the spires of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church are in the background. TR stopped in Lawrencetwice: 1902 and 1912.  I believe this image is from 1902.  The glass plate negatives are 5 x 7 inches; the single cellulose negative is 2 x 3 inches.  The rest of the images are landscape views of buildings and other local sights.  Besides the City ofLawrencethere are images from Andover, Methuen, and Windham, NH.

1.            Soldiers’ Monument Lawrence Common

2.            Great Stone Dam

3.            Reservoir and water tower

4.            Memorial  Arch West  Andover

5.           Hood School

6.            Reservoir and water tower

7.            Searles estate Windham, NH

8.            LGH in the snow

9.            Morrison Rd. Windham, NH

10.        Arlington Mill

11.          Great Stone Dam

12.         Andover mills

13.          Armory

14.          Franklin House

15.          Ayer Mill

16.         Tarbox School

17.        Lawrence Public Library

18.         Bruce School

19.         Union Street Bridge

20.        Lawrence General Hospital

21.         Lawrence General Hospital

22.         Nevins Home for the Aged, Methuen

23.        Bay State Building

24.        Rollins School

25.        Lawrence High School

26.         East Street, Methuen

27.         Nevins Home for the Aged

28.         Lawrence General Hospital grounds in the snow

29.         Den Rock

30.        Union Street Bridge

31.          Teddy Roosevelt at South Lawrence Train Station

The entire collection was digitally scanned and edited and is now available in tifs and jpgs.  View entire collection.

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