Work Experience Curriculum

This collection was a gift of  teacher, Rohna Shoul, of the Newton Public Schools.  In the late 1980s she developed a curriculum to teach a middle school class on work experience.  The research materials she collected and utilized are the bulk of this collection.  These materials include: articles, brochures, maps; notes, bibliographies, workbooks, a poster, and sheet music.  In Box 1: folder 15 has Ms. Shoul’s proposal; folder 5 has the original cut and pasted mock up of the texts she used in her classes.  Many of the folders in the collection are given the original names on the original folders. Much of the material she used came from the Society for Industrial History, Charles River Museum of Industry.

There are also 35 black and white slides most likely used in her classes.  The images on the slides are of working children (many Lewis Hine images).  A disk is included with the slides that holds jpgs of the slides.  One other item is a poster that is undated without any attribution except for the quotation.  The poster has a red fist in the universal sign for “woman”.  The quote is from Mother Jones: “No mater what your fight, don’t be ladylike”.  The poster has been framed and is on display in the Local History Room.

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