Hannagan Catchbasin Company (Lawrence, MA)


This collection is composed of 11 sheets, some blue prints, some on paper and some on transparencies plus 4 8×10 photographs. The photographs were found among the engineering department material in an envelope. The date of March 14, 1914 is on the envelope.

Paul Hannagan was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts January 15, 1853 and died January 19, 1920. He was married to a woman named Catherine with whom he had two daughters and a son. Early in his life he became a bricklayer by trade. He also worked as a Lawrence and later as a state policeman for a number of years. He worked in a number of business enterprises including the Spring Water Plant in Ballardvale (Andover) and the Brightwood Mills in North Andover. From 1898-1899 he served as Alderman for the City of Lawrence; then Superintendent of Streets from 1904 to 1907; Commissioner of Engineering from 1912-1915; and acting mayor after Mayor Scanlon’s death.

Paul Hannagan was also an inventor. Among his inventions were the Hannagan catch basin, the Hannagan gutter plough, an ice cutter, a snow plow, the Hannagan water-tight one-horse dumping swill wagon, the Hannagan low dumping wagon, the Hannagan ten yard dumping paper wagon, and the Hannagan low-hung ash wagon (capacity 3 or 5 yards). Many of them were patented. He also had the distinction of installing more paved streets than had ever to that time been laid.


Recently discovered is this inkwell created in honor of the Hannagan Catch Basin Patent.

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  1. If I have researched correctly, Paul Hannagan also owned the Canobie Hotel at Canobie Lake Park, which actually burned to the ground in 1904. The rebuilt hotel stood until sometime in the 1930’s.

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