Elm Hill Farm (Lawrence, Mass.)


I have thus far found out very little about this business.  In the 1920’s there is no listing for any business with a similar name in the city directories.  An ad was found in the Eagle Tribune during the 1950’s for an Elm Farm located at the corner of Lawrence and Methuen Streets.  If anyone has any information pertinent to this business please let me know.

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  1. That would be Elm Hill Farm I take it, like the receipt, not Elm Tree Farm. There appear to be several references in the northeast to Elm Hill Farm, in Brookfield, MA and also VT. perhaps the Lawrence location was just an outlet, store or distributor. I’ve never heard of anything part of Lawrence called Elms Hill, a farm or otherwise


    • Ooops. I found the ad in the paper for Elm Farm. And an Elm Dale Farm in Methuen. I think the business was purely delivery in the 20s. They popped off the Hill later on and ran a small grocery in the fifties. Pretty cool little book.

      Louise Sandberg, Special Collections
      Lawrence Public Library
      51 Lawrence Street
      Lawrence, MA 01841
      FAX 978-722-9540
      blog queencityma.wordpress.com

  2. In the ’50 there was no farm at Lawrence and Methuen. One corner had the Warner Theater, another the Super Store and across from bothe a garage and filling station I believe

    This is a shot from the 20s with that intersection visible in the background. The Superstore was still part of the mills.



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