Guy R. Pennisi (Lawrence, MA)


The Lawrence Public Library Special Collections owns 5 paintings created by Mr. Pennisi: the portraits of Daniel Sanders, Sr., above, Chopin, unknown composer, John, John Q., and Samuel Adams, and Robert Frost.

Guy R. Pennisi was born in 1915 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  He began drawing as a child. He started as a teenager helping in the family painting business, Pennisi Painting & Decorating Co.  He married Antoinette Consentino and with her help opened the Pennisi Art Studio in 1959.  He taught more than 1000 students over a span of 25 years.  He and his students exhibited their works on many occasions.  Mr. Pennisi studied with Maestro Pietro Annigoni in Florence, Italy in 1963.  In addition to students at his studio he taught art and history at Columbus High, the Greater Lawrence Regional High School and the Christian Formation Center.  He also taught art at Holy Family Hospital to patients on the St. Dymphna’s Ward as a form of therapy.  He helped to initiate the City of Lawrence’s first Art Festival, the Leonard Bernstein Festival, and the Robert Frost Festival.  Sketches of both Frost and Bernstein were unveiled at these events.  His love of classical music inspired many of his paintings including a life-sized portrait of Giuseppe Verdi, which was dedicated at the Verdi Festival at the Lawrence Public Library.  This painting is now located in Parma, Italy.  He closed his studio in 1984, but continued his work by completing a life-size painting of the Blessed Mother in memory of his late wife and daughter Cammy.  He was a parishioner at Holy Rosary Church and a member of the Third Order of St. Francis and the Holy name Society as well as a member of the Knights of Columbus.  Mr. Pannisi died January 3, 1999.

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