Glass Plate Negatives (Lawrence, MA)


These negatives were found in the Lawrence Public Library safe, March 15, 2017.

These fourteen negatives are 3×5 inch glass plate negatives that are showing some signs of erosion.   Some of them had papers that showed what some of the images were.  Of those that were numbered, the highest number is 26 leading me to believe that this is not the entire collection.

The image above I believe is number 5.  The image below is not identified .

  1. House
  2. Bridge (broken) “blizzard Feb. 1898”
  3. “Co. 7 en route Spanish War” no. 4
  4. “Soldiers Monument Common” no. 26
  5. “Fire house” Franklin and Concord Streets Ladder 1 & 2? Chin Goon Laundry
  6. Wetherbee School
  7. “Old Elm” Bodwell House
  8. Decorated building “Reid & Hughes at time of Semi-centennial” dry and fancy goods 225-235 Essex St.
  9. “Packard School” no. 24
  10. Bradford Street St. Mary’s Church?
  11. Rollins School
  12. Street in “blizzard Feb. 1898”
  13. H. “Wheeler” 229 Broadway store no. 9
  14. Dam
  15. 2017-6-1001

One Response

  1. The home in the photo looks like it was located on Bradford Street. Most of the unique wall and stairs still fun along most parts of Bradford St adjacent to St. Mary’s church

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