Lamey-Wellehan Shoe Store (Lawrence, MA)

lamey4The Library owns an eclectic collection of photographs including 2 mounted (9×7 inches) sepia images, one of the interior of the Forrest Drug Store possibly dated from the 1940s, the other the interior of a bar, 1 6×3 inch black and white snapshot of “Lamey-Wellehan’s xmas eve party of 1952”, another 6×3 black and white inside a bar (dated 1941), and  3×3 39 color  and one black and white snapshots of the Lamey-Wellehan shoe store (331 Essex Street) and activities around it most likely from the sixties or seventies.


It does appear that most of the photographs in this collection document the Lamey-Wellahan shoe manufacturers and store.  It was first located at 331 Essex Street and planned to move to 260 Essex Street.  The date for this move was around 1971 or 72.  The move to 260 Essex Street, however, never took place.  For a period of time the shoe store was located in Salem, New Hampshire.  The Library asks the public for any information about this business and people who ran it.

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