Hay Wagon on Essex Street (Lawrence, MA)


This is a copy of photo taken at Lawrence and Essex Streets in 1870.  In the foreground is a hay wagon pulled by a team of six oxen with the driver standing to the side.  On the side of the red brick building behind the wagon can be read “Co’s Central Assurance Office” and below that “Bank”.  J. H. Stannard & Company was above the Bay State National Bank located at 301 Essex Street.  The Bay State Building is there now.  The driver of the hay wagon was John J. Murphy, foreman at the General Eben Sutton farm in North Andover.  A colored painting was made of this picture and was hung in the bank (Bay State National Bank?) that was on this corner in 1870.  The photo measures 44 x 29 cm.  The image was colorized.

5 Responses

  1. That’s the one time Arlington Trust company building on the corner behind the wagon, still there.


  2. No, I am mistaken. The buildings are/were similar but that is likely the building(s) that preceded the Bay State Building on the NE corner of Lawrence and Essex as you described with the North common in the distance. Sorry


  3. It’s the old Arlington Trust.

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