Neighborhoods (Lawrence, MA)


Designation Location Alternative names
Arlington Neighborhood


Park St., Broadway, Methuen, Lawrence St. (includes Arlington Street and Arlington School) Stevens Village


Back Bay Neighborhood Prospect St. to Jackson St.
Bull Dog Field Pine Ridge Rd. (rear of Breen School)
Campagnone Common Lawrence, Haverhill, Jackson, Common Streets El parque de las ardillas, Lawrence Common, North Common
Carletonville Neighborhood Andover St. to Merrimack River (includes Carleton Street)
Cat’s Alley Connects Prospect St. with High St. (unpaved path)
City Farm Marston St. to I495 Alms House & Training School
Clover Hill Fern & Berkeley Sts. (included Clover Hill Hospital) Graves Hill
Colonial Heights Neighborhood South Lawrence:  Winthrop Ave. (Rt. 114), South Union Street,  and I495 (just on top of the west Showcase Cinema)
Columbia Park Neighborhood Haverhill to Endicott Sts. Only in 1906 atlas
Corporation Reserve South side of Essex Street downtown Broadway to Union St. (location of large outside events like the circus until the late 1800s) Cow pasture, fields
Down Street Terminology used to direct from Prospect Hill, Tower Hill,  and Methuen  to Essex Street
Duck Bridge Union Street Bridge over the Merrimack River Lawrence Bridge (toll bridge until 1868)
Dutch Gap Neighborhood Brook St. to Union St. German neighborhood
Essex Street Projects Neighborhood Essex Street, Margin to Winter Streets
Falls Bridge Bridge over Merrimack River connecting North and South Broadway Broadway Bridge, O’Leary Bridge, Andover Bridge (toll bridge in early to mid 1800s)
French Canadian Neighborhood Broadway to West Street to Manchester Street to Haverhill Street (St. Anne’s Church and School)
Gaza Strip Surrounding Elm St. (St. Joseph and St. Anthony Churches)  Syrian Community
Gen. Donovan Neighborhood Tremont, Franklin, Cross Streets (Includes General Donovan School)
Grand View Heights Neighborhood Doyle to Water Sts. Only in 1906 atlas
Hancock St. Neighborhood Hancock St.
Italian Neighborhood Common to Elm ; Jackson to Union Streets (Includes Holy Rosary, Corpus Christi Church)
Heritage Common Jackson, Oak, Chestnut, Short Streets
Lebanese Neighborhood Oak to Maple ; Jackson to Hampshire Sts. (St. Joseph and St. Anthony Churches) Lower East End
Little Belgium Neighborhood Boys Club area Water St. to the Merrimack River
Lower Tower Hill Neighborhood Haverhill to Lowell Sts. (includes the Bruce School) Gale’s Hill, Norcross Pond
Luscomb Corner South Lawrence: Mt. Vernon Street, North Street, and Greenwood Road Only in the 1906 atlas
Mechanics Block Summer, Newbury, Garden, and Union Streets (housing built for overseers in the mills)
Mill District Broadway to Marston Street; Canal Street to the Merrimack River
Mt. Vernon Neighborhood South Lawrence: Mt. Vernon Street to Andover border
O’Connell Common South Lawrence: South Union, Osgood, Market, and Salem Streets South Common, Union Square
Over City Direction South Lawrencians went to shop on Essex Street from South Lawrence to North Lawrence
Phillips Hill South Lawrence on Broadway going up towards Andover
Prospect Hill Neighborhood Prospect, Marston, and East Haverhill Streets Poor’s Hill
Sacred Heart/Brookfield St. Neighborhood South Lawrence: Broadway to Brookfield Street (Sacred Heart Church and School)
Shanty Pond Neighborhood So Lawrence: just to the east of South Broadway after crossing the river and the South Canal (original location where Irish lived while building the Great Stone Dam)
South Common Central Neighborhood South Lawrence: Market, Foster,  Bailey, Osgood Streets (around the South Common)
Stadium Projects Neighborhood S. Lawrence, N. Parish Rd. to Exeter Streets (across from Lawrence High School and the Veterans Memorial Stadium)
Sunset Ridge North of Fern Street Only in 1906 atlas
The “Barns” DPW Yard (1 Auburn Street)
The “Oval” South Lawrence: south side of Market Street  from Forest Street to just across from Lawrence Pump
The “Patch” South Lawrence: west of the railroad tracks
The Plains Neighborhood Marion to Oak Streets; Hampshire to Lawrence Streets (surrounding Plainsmen Park)
Theater Row Broadway in north Lawrence where several movie theatres were once located (west side of Broadway)
Tower Hill Neighborhood Emory, Lowell, and Essex Streets and Riverside Drive (surrounds the Water Tower and the Reservoir) Emory Hill
Turner Hill Park and Kendrick Streets
Turtle Bay Area north side of the Merrimack River between Central and Falls Bridges Pemberton Park
Union Heights Neighborhood South Lawrence: either side of Union Street between Jamaica and Chatham Streets Only in 1906 atlas
White Pups Bridge South Lawrence: Union Street Bridge over the B&M tracks leading into Andover White Puffs Bridge
Whitman Street Neighborhood Whitman  and Methuen Streets
Woodland Heights Neighborhood South Lawrence: Corbett  Street to South Broadway Only in 1906 atlas



2 Responses

  1. Cat’s Alley was paved when I grew up there in the 50s…

  2. It’s not “Essex Street Projects” or “Stadium Projects.” Each of them is one housing project. (Singular). So it’s the Essex Street Project or Stadium Project. They are two of the housing projects (plural) in Lawrence.

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