Demonaco Brothers Square (Lawrence, MA)


The Demonaco Brothers Memorial Square is located at the intersection of Chestnut and Shorts Streets.  There were seven Demonaco brothers who served in World War II: Albert, Carmine, Harold, Henry, Joseph, Pasquale, and Salvatore.  The family lived at 125 Chestnut Street.  Albert Demonaco was killed in the war.

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  2. The real hero’s.I wish Lawrence could go back to the times were it was a wonderful place to grow up.know I go there and see streets named after Dominicans probably here iligally

  3. its to bad,if we could go back ,playing there as kids haveing fun everyone happy, If we dident go to war, we went to war for 2 other Country

  4. Albert DeMonaco was my uncle (as were all the DeMonaco brothers at the square) My mother was their sister. He did not die in WWII. He lived on Bruce Street in Lawrence until he passes away in 1983.

    • I am Alberto De Monaco the nephew of Alberto De Monaco, he was the son of Joseph De Monaco, brother of my father Gennaro.
      Our family lived in Teano in the province of Caserta, Italy.
      I am proud of our family history. In the published photos : is my father Gennaro who during his WWII encounter his nephew Henry .. his enemy for the events of history.
      I greet all relatives in usa. For those who would like to contact me my mail address is

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