Majowicz Bridge (Lawrence, MA)


We would like your help identifying the individual for whom this bridge is named.  I do not even have a first name.  I cannot find him in World War I or II veteran lists.  I cannot find him/or her in City Directories.  The Majowicz Bridge is the Short Street bridge over the Spicket River.  Any help the public has would be greatly appreciated.

It is possible that the bridge is named after the young man who was heading to Lawrence in 1910 from New York.  But Joseph or Josef Majowicz was traveling with his stepfather who likely had a different last name.  I have not been able to find the family in any city directories.  He did not serve in the military with that last name.  It is also likely he changed his name upon reaching adulthood.  If he is the honoree of this bridge I have not yet been able to find out why.


3 Responses

  1. there was a Majowicz, Joseph c. 1893

    in the oliver school records that would put him about WW1 age


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