Robert Frost School (Lawrence, MA)

The Robert Frost School was designed by Warren H. Ashley of Hartford, Connecticut and built by the Vera Construction Co. of Boston. It is located at 33 Hamlet Street in South Lawrence. The first building was occupied in September of 1961. It was named after Lawrence High School graduate (class of 1892) Robert Lee Frost, America’s favorite poet. The building was dedicated January 7, 1962 with the poet in attendance.

Fire destroyed the first building in August of 1979.  The first day of the present frost School of January 6, 1986.

4 Responses

  1. i go to this school and i love it

  2. I went to the Frost from 1969 grade 1 through grade 4. Beautiful architecture! I remember how each class had a wall of windows that looked out to the lush courtyard and when you changed classes you walked along the inside sidewalk under the large overhang and I can still smell the scent of the wet earth in that beautiful garden courtyard! I always wanted to build a house just like that!!!! Shame it was taken down.

  3. I miss my school best time growing up best memories 90s baby!

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