St. Rita’s Elementary School (Lawrence, MA)

St. Rita’s Elementary School was added to the schools in the Lawrence, Massachusetts parish in 1902. It closed in 1972 and the remaining students went to St. Mary’s School.

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  1. St Rita’s closed in June 1969. I was in the last graduating class. It seems like yesterday!

    • Did you have a sibling that knew Margaret Mary Habib? We started first grade together. She repeated the 4th grade. She died tragically in 1967 days before she was to start at St. Mary HS.

  2. Why is Lawrence being referenced as Queen City, it was never one of the larger cities is Mass and was founded as a manufacturers’ Utopia?

  3. My Grammar school, aged 5-11/ class 1 thru 7, 1955-1962

  4. When I started first grade, the class size was 72 students with Sister Patricia Mary as the teacher. By graduation in 1966, there were 35 graduates.

  5. Graduate of class of 1960. Long ago and far away😌

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