Breen School (Lawrence, MA)

The Breen School was built in 1911 and was located at 114 Osgood Street. It was named after John Breen who was the city’s 1st Irish mayor (1882-1884). It is still used as a school.

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  1. My alma-mater

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  3. I went there for 2-3-4 grades- the classrooms were so Victorian; the basement toilets were a shambles and so hard to get to as a small child… the stairs had such an echo with all the little feet marching up the stairs, and when I smell the air of old paper and woodworm,I so remember this school. But, the teachers cared and did their best for us. The 70s. I remember old Mr Parthum the principle- he was a blustery man, but he was committed to education- as was most of his family,I believe. I had some problems with him as I was academically precocious and any attempt at being different was seen as rebellion, but he never was unkind. Miss Maria Scalora, the third grade teacher,remained a friend until her death. Quite a few teachers were related, and a few were in relationships. We werent supposed to know, but kids pay attention! Big classrooms with big windows, cloak rooms between them, and a small assembly hall. big corridor down the middle of each floor- the higher the grade, the higher up the classroom was. One funny memory is how the music teacher had a tin ear and was always picking kids to sing who were tone deaf- including me!

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