Rollins School (Lawrence, MA)

The John R. Rollins School was completed 1893 and was located on the corner of Howard and Platt Streets. Well known local architect, George G. Adams designed the school in the most modern and up-to-date ideas of the time. It contained ten classrooms, a large hall, rooms for teachers and master, and a library. The Rollins School was considered a model school building at the time. It was constructed of red brick laid in red mortar with trimming of North Conway granite, all cut with fine pointed surfaces. Much of the exterior used copper fittings and roof was slated in Monson slate. The tower at the entrance is 125 from the ground to the top of the finial. The Seth Thomas clock in the tower measures 7 feet in diameter. The clock was paid for by a subscription of local residents. There was a 5000 pound bell in the tower. The school was lit by gas jets, cooled by a gas-powered fan, and heated by a coal fired boiler. The 10-classroom building cost $80,000 and was meant to hold 500 pupils. It was named after John Rodham Rollins, Civil War veteran, city mayor, and superintendent of schools. The building is still in use as a school.

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  2. Correction:
    The Rollins school is at the corner of Howard and Platt Streets in Lawrence Ma.

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