Oliver School (Lawrence, MA)

oliver1The original edifice, called the Haverhill Street School in 1847, was for students between the ages of 4 through 8 years at a cost of $12,500.  It was a 2-storey Greek revival structure made of brick and trimmed with granite.  The Oliver School House was ready for occupancy and “specimen as it is, in its design and finish, of the highest attainments in School House Architecture, enabling us to establish the schools assigned to it, under the most favorable auspices for their progress, we have devoted it to its purposes, with satisfaction and pride.  We are confidant that its facilities and character can hardly be surpassed.”  (Lawrence School Committee Reports) The original 17 high school students occupied the 1st floor.  The school also included 240 other pupils.  By 1848 it was already called the Oliver Grammar School, named for Henry K. Oliver a one-time mayor of the city.


The present Oliver School was built in 1915.

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  2. I attended this school for 4 years from the Fall of 1987 to the Spring of 1991. Loved the principals there, Norah McCarthy and assistant Principal Mrs. Condey. In those days, they always had monthly assemblies for the students giving them awards all of the time!
    Despite the school that looked old at the time, I had a blast there. Also, in the summer of 1993, my first summer job, it was a privilege going there with my bike and having a good time while getting paid. In the mornings, going to school and the afternoons to the Bellvue Cemetery, Joe Susy and Tim Sheenhan took care of all of us there. Norah McCarthy, still the principal at the time and it was the beginning of the renovations at the school, starting with new windows and bathrooms! It’s one Awesome School I’ll always remember!

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