Strikers’ Monument (Lawrence, MA)

Worker's Memorial 1In the years preceding the centennial of the Lawrence Textile Workers’ Strike of 1912 (the Bread and Roses Strike), a committee was formed to create a suitable monument to the men and women who participated in the strike. Jonas Stundzia and David Meehan co-chaired the committee. Other officers were Barbara Brown, Phyllis Tyler, Dexter Arnold, and Linda Arvanitis. It was created out of a grass roots effort to commemorate the centennial of the Bread and Roses Strike of 1912 and a “testament to our eternal gratitude and honors those thousands of workers who sacrificed so much for the benefit of all”.
Fund raising was successful. A 30-ton boulder (donated by Brox, Inc. of Dracut) was placed on the Campagnone Common across from City Hall just to the east in March of 2012. Two bronze reliefs were designed and cast by sculptor, Daniel Altshuler of Gloucester. The monument was unveiled September 3, 2012, Labor Day, at the Bread and Roses Festival that year. The bronze panels were later installed and the monument was dedicated in November of 2012.

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