Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski Parade (Lawrence, MA)

Parade1This framed image was given to the Library by Bob Dziadosz.
The words “1779 General Casimir Pulaski Parade Committee Oct. 12, 1929” are written on the print. On the matte are written the names of the men gathered in from the the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Civil War) on the Lawrence Common.
Ignacy Palys
Ludwik Brzostowski

Jan Krawczyk

Ludwig E. Mikolajczk

Ca[pt.] Henry Donovan
Stanley Dziadosz
Stanley Twiraga
Michael Dziadosz
Frank Jezorski
Joseph Kania
William Dyleski
Felix Olfirowiz
M. Powel
Rev. P[eter] Hajna
Rev. B[runo] Dobala

Sabin Suchodolski

Joseph Sliba

Various Polish organizations planned the celebration of the life of Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski, Revolutionary War hero, at the time of the 150th anniversary of his death. Saturday October 12, 1929 the Polish groups joined the Columbus Day Parade preceded by a solemn high military mass at Holy Trinity Church. At 2:00 PM a mass meeting was held at St. Michael’s Hall where speakers talked about the great man, children’s programs were presented, and the assembly sang of patriotic songs.

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