Bourassa Square (Lawrence, MA)

bourassaBourassa Square is named after Technical Sergeant Lionel Bernard Bourassa and is located at the intersection of Brookfield and Easton Streets. Bourassa grew up at 59 Brookfield Street and graduated from LHS in 1938. He also graduated from the Wentworth Institute and worked at the Newburyport News as a linotypist. He enlisted as an Aircorpman in 1942. On his 36th mission aboard a B-24 Liberator he was shot down near Munich July 19, 1944. He was awarded the Air Medal, an Oak Leaf Cluster, and a Purple Heart posthumously.

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  2. […] throughout the City are dedicated to World War II servicemen: Bolis Brothers Paul Bongiorno Lionel B. Bourassa Lucien Bourgoin Frank A. Cain Andrew Callahan Campagnone Brothers Albert J. Carter, Jr. Jeremiah W. […]

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