Kaplan Square (Lawrence, MA)

kaplanThe sign for Kaplan Square is at the south east corner of the intersection of Cross and Cedar Streets. It is named for Private Samuel Kaplan who was the first member of Company F, 101st Infantry to lose his life. He was killed by shell fire at Chemin des Dames. He was also the first young man from Lawrence to lose his life in the Great War.

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    • Does anyone know of the family/genealogy of Samuel Kaplan?

      • Samuel A. Kaplan was my father’s cousin. My father was George Kaplan…….graduated Lawrence High in 1928. I graduated in 1950. Who are you ?

      • I’m trying to figure out the relationships of the Kaplan families from Lawrence. My great grandfather, Meyer Kaplan, had seven children: Ida, Joseph, Rebecca, Hyman, Florence, Samuel and Martha. Meyer was also related to the Samuel Kaplan who was killed in WWI — I just can’t determine how. Whatever information you could give me about your father’s family would be very much helpful and appreciated.

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