Vietnam War Memorial (Lawrence, MA)

vietnamThe stone monument to the Lawrence soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War is located in Bellevue Cemetery and was originally dedicated in May of 1991. Engraved in the gray granite are the names of the sixteen Lawrence dead:
Marine Lance Cpl. James St. Cyr, 3/26/66
Marine Pfc. Joseph T. Gile, Jr. 10/7/66
Army Pfc. Paul D. Guimond 10/28/66
Army Capt. 1st class Gerald F. Currier 11/4/66
Army Sgt. 1st class David F. Devoe 11/7/66
Navy Lt. Cmdr. Martin J. Sullivan 2/12/67
Marine Lance Cpl. Robert F. Cote 4/5/67
Marine Pfc. Dennis J. Mannion 5/5/67
Marine Cpl. Richard J. Gilbert 8/12/67
Army Maj. Lawrence J. Farelli 2/18/68
Marine Lance Cpl. Gregory P. Kent 3/28/68
Army Sgt. Alan K. Langer 1/26/69
Marine Lance Cpl. Edward J. Wolfendale 2/24/69
Army Cpl. Randal M. Denton 7/29/69
Army Spec. David P. J. Bedrosian 11/14/69
Marine 2nd Lt. Vincent B. Lee 11/23/69

Army Capt. James A. Mulligan was a POW from 1966-1973

Cpl. Robert Daniel Corriveau was killed in Pennsylvania.

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