Moore Square (Lawrence, MA)

Moore memorial
Moore Square is located at the intersection of North Broadway and Concord Street, just a few feet away from the locally famous Cedar Crest Restaurant where Mr. Moore was a cook.

Philip V. Moore was born in 1910 in Lawrence into an Irish immigrant family. He served four years in the US Army in both Fort Devens and the South Pacific, leaving service as a Staff Sargent. He worked much of his life as a cook at the Cedar Crest Restaurant on Broadway. He ran for Alderman once and functioned as City Messenger for many years in the 1970s. He was a particularly close friend of Mayor John J. Buckley. He died May 11, 1995.

2 Responses

  1. Louise, I would like to add something to the post about Philip Moore.
    As city messenger, it was his ceremonial duty to lead the mayor and city council across the common to be sworn in at the municipal inauguration ceremonies. He was an impressive figure in his top hat carrying the mace of office. I wonder if that symbol of authority still exists somewhere?
    Phyllis Tyler

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