Diodati Brothers Memorial Square (Lawrence, MA)

Diodati Brother memorial Square, Lawrence St. at O'Neill ParkDiodati Brothers Memorial Square is located at the intersection of Lawrence and Chestnut Streets on a corner of O’Neill Park. It is dedicated to the nine Diodati Brothers who served in the US military, all but three in World War II.  Those three, Frank, Peter and Robert, participated in the Korean War.  They were nine boys of the fourteen children born to Francesco-Paolo and Mary Diodati. They came home.

Private Domenic F. Diodati – US Marines
Corporal Flavio R, Diodati – US Marines
Private Frank J. Diodati – US Marines
Corpoaral Lodovico Diodati – US Army
Private Peter Diodati – US Marines
Private Raymond R. Diodati – US Marines
Private Robert Diodati – US Army
Private Vincenzo Diodati – US Marines
Private First Class William Diodati – US Marines

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  4. a few mistakes here: and I should have known this when I 1st saw this 3 years ago–I just saw my Uncle Will (my father’s cousin) at my father’s memorial gathering. Francesco-Paolo Diodati and his wife Mary did indeed have 14 children, 5 girls and 9 boys, and all 9 boys did indeed serve their country—but not all during WWII. Three of them were younger than my dad, who graduated from high school in 1944, and served only briefly during WWII, because VE was 5/8/45, and VJ was 8/14/45. So Frank, Peter and Robert served, but after WWII was over. And finally, the Frank whose photo is included with this post is NOT our family’s Frank.

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