Veterans Memorial Stadium (Lawrence, MA)

stadium6,000 men from Lawrence served in the First World War. Lawrence’s first draft registration was conducted on June 5, 1917. The National Guard also prepared for deployment. In addition to the two regular infantry companies and the battery, the headquarters company of the 102nd Field artillery and a sanitary detachment for the 101st Field Artillery were raised in Lawrence, besides the Fifth Massachusetts Infantry Drum Corps. The division served in these battles: Chemin des Dames Feb.6, 1918-March 3, 1918; Toule Boucos sector April 1, 1918-June 28, 1918; Pas Fini sector July 8, 1918-July 18, 1918 Aisne Marne offensive July 18, 1918-Aug. 4, 1918; St. Mihiel offensive Sept. 12, 1918-Sept. 16, 1918; Troyon sector Sept. 17, 1918-Oct. 8, 1918; Meuse Argonne offensive Oct. 10, 1918-Nov. 14, 1918.

Nearly 200 servicemen from Lawrence perished in World War I. Veterans Memorial Stadium in South Lawrence was dedicated to World War I veterans. Here are individual servicemen honored throughout the City:
William J. Kennedy
Philip J. O’Donnell
Richard F. Condon
Fred J. Godbout
Philip J. Riley
Benjamin A Cardillo

Patrick Coyne

Louis Rosenberg
Leon Valcourt
William Sullivan

Paul E. Lorenz

Lawrence W. Fielding

Charles Beard

Romeo de Patie

James M. Higgins

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