Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument (Lawrence, MA)

soldier'smonThe Needham Post number 39 GAR was instrumental in erecting the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument on the Lawrence Common November 2, 1881. Many others in the City came to their aid in creating a fitting memorial to Lawrence’s Civil War dead. It was designed by David Richards and carved by Thomas M. Perry. The monument is fifty feet tall topped by the granite figure of “Union” bearing a shield with the Lawrence legend “Industria” and a bee. The three bronze figures at the base are an infantry soldier, a sailor, and a dismounted cavalryman. Bronze tablets show the names of the 225 men who died in service to the Union with special tribute to Sumner Needham, Laurencian and one of the first to die in the Union army April 19, 1861.

The monument still stands in the center of Campagnone Common.

2 Responses

  1. The Monument should be taken down or move to a different location. It gives a poor/ weak representation of our military. Just an opinion. Sorry if I am offending anyone.

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