Deacy Square (Lawrence, MA)

Captain Timothy Deaccy Square at Hampshire & Elm Streets & near Former Pine StreetDeasy Square (often spelled Deacy or Dacey), located at the intersection of Hampshire and Elm Streets, is named after Captain Timothy Deasy. Deasy was born in Ireland in 1839 and emigrated with his family in 1847, settling in Lawrence. He was educated in the public schools and learned the trade of hat making. He was very active in Irish organizations and took the Fenian oath in 1859. Fenians were committed to Irish independence. He enlisted in 9th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in June of 1861. He participated in many of the major Civli War battle and was wounded. He mustered out in June of 1864. He also particpated in the Fenian invasion of Canada in 1866 and Fenian activities in Manchester, UK in 1867 where he was arrested and freed by his fellow Fenians.
He returned to Lawrence where he was active in Civil War groups and Irish fraternaties. He became an entrepreneur and was elected to the City Council in 1872 and 1874 and later to the Massachusetts State Congress in 1876. He died in 1880.

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