Playgrounds (Lawrence, MA)

DSCF0007Playgrounds were originally called playsteads in Lawrence. The first one was the Spicket Playstead (later called the Hayden Schofield Playstead). In 1896 the City felt it was time to set aside land for athletic and out-door games. “It was … desirable that all kinds of rough games likely to injure trees, flower beds and lawns should be banished from the Common Park”.*

Bourgoin Playground
Bruce Playground
Cronin Playstead

Donovan Playground
Hayden Schofield Playstead
Howard Playstead
Kennedy Playstead
Lorenz Playstead
Mannion Playground
McDermott Playground
Murgia Playstead
North Common Neighborhood Reviendo Playground

Other recreational areas in the city include ball fields, swimming pools, tracks, tennis courts, and stadiums.
*2nd annual report of the Lawrence Park Commissioners

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