Memorials (Lawrence, MA)

The Shattuck Flag and the City Hall Bell Clock Tower Across the Campagnone Common, Looking SouthPerhaps the first memorial constructed was the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in honor the the Civil War dead. Since then the city has named monuments, intersections, bridges, waterways, schools, parks, as well as bandstands, a marina, and an airport after a variety of individuals and groups. The first square was Durant Square, a small triangle of land on East Haverhill Street.

Durant Square
La Scola Square
Regan Square
Deasy Square
World War II
Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument
Bongiorno Square
World War I Monument
Vandekerkove Bandstand
Diodati Brothers Memorial Square
Kattar Square
Moore Square
Frodyma Square
Tortora Square
Sr. Elinor Rose Flynn SND Corner
Papparlardo Corner
William Lord Monument
Giouard Flagpole
Donohue Square
Callahan and De Caesare Water Tower
Lee Square
Vietnam War Memorial
Wolfendale Square
Callahan Waterway
Bodwell House
Kaplan Square
Bolis Square
Jimenez Square
Stopyra Square
Girgenti Square
Puglisi Square
Condon Memorial Airport
Godbout Square
Fr. Erbio J. Caraballo Square
Cardillo Square
DiZazzo Square
Judge Square
Miele Square
Fargnoli Square
Bourassa Square
Denton Square
Bedrosian Square
Farelli Square
Valcourt Square
Perry Square

Turner Square

Gile Square

Mulligan Square

Fielding Square

Beard Square

De Patie Square

Corriveau Square

Higgins Square 

Raymond Square

Kater Square

Eugene Scanlon, Sr. Square

Jacob (Jack) Cohen Square

William P. Campbell Square

Joseph W. Donahue Square

Edward L. Saliba Square

Joseph G. Sambataro Bridge

Alexander B. Bruce Square

Joseph J. Ravich Bridge

Frank Alekno Square

Louis Joyce Square

Frederick Evans Square

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  1. […] Memorials (Lawrence, MA) […]

  2. […] Memorials (Lawrence, MA) […]

  3. […] have been two monuments on the Lawrence Common dedicated to the men and women who served during World War II. In 1944 the […]

  4. […] Needham Post number 39 GAR was instrumental in erecting the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument on the Lawrence Common November 2, 1881. Many others in the City came to their aid in creating a […]

  5. […] Bongiorno Square is located at the intersection of Common and Jackson Streets. It is dedicated to Paul Bongiorno, a soldier in World War II. Private Bongiorno died from wounds incurred during battle in the land of his parents, birth, Sicily. He received the Purple Heart Postumously. […]

  6. […] Kattar Square is located at the intersection of Hampshire and Lowell Streets. It is named in honor of Sgt. Thomas S. Kattar, who participated in the invasion of the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, World War II, in 120th Infantry, 30th Division. Sgt. Kattar is credited with killing seven German snipers and helped taking out a German machine gun nest. He was awarded the Silver and Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. The Square was dedicated in 2000. […]

  7. […] This year one category is “In honor of”. This category will cover parks, playgrounds, squares, monuments, and other spaces dedicated to individuals and groups. You can start by looking through […]

  8. […] sign for Kaplan Square is at the south east corner of the intersection of Cross and Cedar Streets. It is […]

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