Parks (Lawrence, MA)

commonmapA separate department called the Parks Department seems to have started in the 1880’s possibly under the supervision of the City Engineer. The first printed report came out in 1896 and called itself the 2nd annual report. That first report describes work done at Den Rock, Spicket Playstead (later Hayden Schofield), Union Park (later South Common), Durant Square, and Common Park (Campagnone Common). By the fourth annual report the City had added Storrow Park, Stockton Park, and Amphitheatre (Mullaney) Park.
Campagnone Common
Coyne Park
Cronin Park
Den Rock Park
Gagnon Park
Highland Park
Kennedy Park
Misserville Park
Mt. Vernon Park
Mullaney Park
O’Connell South Common
O’Neill Park
O’Sullivan Park
Pemberton Park
Plainsman Park
Riley Park
Rowell Park
Scarito Park
Stockton Park
Storrow Park
Sullivan Park
Van Doorne Park

John P. Kane Park

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  2. […] Den Rock Park is an 80-acre conservation area located on the border between Lawrence and Andover. It is named for the rock formation shown above and was once slated to be a cemetery. It is now an urban wilderness with 4 miles of trails and dozens of species of birds. Native American artifacts have been found in the park […]

  3. […] O’Neill Park is named after James J. O’Neill, who served as an alderman for the City of Lawrence from 1964-69. It is in the form of a square bound by Lawrence, Oak, Chestnut, and Short Streets. It is just across Oak Street from the main branch of the Lawrence Public Library. […]

  4. […] Storrow Park and the Storrow School are named in honor of Charles S. Storrow, first mayor of the City of Lawrence. The park is located on Prospect Hill between High and Pleasant Streets commanding a great view of the City. Murgia Playstead and and a water tower are located in Storrow Park. […]

  5. […] park located behind the Leonard School at the corner of Allen and Summer Streets. It is dedicated to […]

  6. […] Geography Challenge. This year one category is “In honor of”. This category will cover parks, playgrounds, squares, monuments, and other spaces dedicated to individuals and groups. You can […]

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