Kitten Ball


The Library has scanned the 5 volumes of scrapbooks compiled by Margaret Hogan, a physical education teacher in the Lawrence Publc schools from 1931 to 1969.  She promoted this intramural Kitten Ball League druing the 1930’s at the Oliver School.

Kitten ball is another name for softball. Softball was invented in 1887 and was designed to be an indoor sport. In 1895, a member of the Minneapolis, Minnesota fire department named Lewis Rober invented outdoor softball and named it Kitten League Ball, which was subsequently shortened to Kitten Ball. The name was changed from kitten ball to diamond ball in 1922 and eventually to softball in 1926.  The Library owns a copy of Rules and regulations governing Playground Kitten Ball which was adopted by the Girls’ Playground League in 1922 and was printed by the Playgrounds Dept. of the City.  Leagues from the grammar schools were set up all over the City during the spring and fall.




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  1. This is awesome!

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