Friends of the Lawrence Public Library 2014 Historical Calendar

calendar2014The new FLPL Historical Calendar is now for sale.  It is in color and features advertisements from the 1870s through the mid 20th century.  Ads include Beach Soap, Morin’s, Ketchum’s Pharmacy, Curran & Joyce, Cedar Crest, Papparlardo’s Wirths, and the Cross Book Store.  The images were on trade cards, a stereo slide, in city directories, postcards, and the front cover of an almanac.   The material came from the collections in the library and material owned by Joe Bella.  The calendars are already for sale in both libraries and will be featured at the Friends’ table at the Bread and Roses Festival on Labor Day September 2, 2013.  The charge is $10.

One Response

  1. I was born, brought up and worked in Lawrence Ma.. I am now a resident of Florida make sure I am up to date with “my home town”. I make sure I get my calendar and this years is, as usual, fantastic. Kudos to those who put it together.

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