Commercial Art (Lawrence, MA)

ad17pacificThis artificial and still open collection consists of a wide variety of advertising samples dating from the last 4 decades of the 19th century and into the middle of the 20th.  Everything with the scrapbook that follows was professionally printed and often includes lots of illustration, both black and white and color.  Most were created and printed locally, but a substantial number were national brands created elsewhere and stamped with local businesses.  Forms include newspapers, trade cards, handbills, a telephone index (address book), a coaster, a label, booklets, pamphlets, almanacs, letterheads, programs, and envelopes.  Images from this collection are the focus of the new Friends of the Lawrence Public Library Historical Calendar of the the year 2014.


The collection also includes a large scrapbook of advertisements on the verso side of pictures of the old masters on the recto.  The advertisements are hand lettered in many colors on the black pages and colored illustrations are pasted on.  The style of dress looks like the late teens or early twenties of the 20th century.  The image above is from that scrapbook.   The scrapbook is now available on Digital Commonwealth.

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