The A. W. Employees’ Booster

a&w4The Lawrence Public Library has six volumes of this magazine published by the American Woolen Company starting in 1919 and continuing through 1922.  It was published semi-monthly from the company offices in Boston.  The issues of this magazine talk about the work going on in the mills as well as much detail about workers lives including many photographs of individuals and groups.  Mills covered in these publications include the Wood, the Ayer, and the Washington Mills, all in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Other topics of interest were patriotism, how to become a citizen, housing, disparaging Communism, high cost of loafing, household hints, and financial advice.  Prospect Mills in Fitchburg, Mass., Medford Mills in Medford, Bradford Mills, Bradford, Mass., Weybosset Mills in Providence, RI, and a number of others were added.  The vast majority of the covers of the magazine showed sheep from various locations.  The few exceptions are shown here.A&W1

The workers told their stories through the events of their lives: weddings, promotions, deaths, births, vacations, fishing trips, induction into the military and mustering out.  The Library, with the help of dedicated volunteers, has completed an index of all the names of workers employed at the Lawrence mills published in these volumes.

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