Hadassah (Lawrence, MA)

The Lawrence Public Library has this one certificate from Hadassah.

Hadassah was established in 1912 in New York City by Henrietta Szold and the Daughters of Zion, a women’s study group. The goal was to promote the Zionist ideal through education, public health initiatives, and the training of nurses in what was then the Palestine region of the Ottoman Empire. Szold served as the first president. Hadassah and chapters soon opened in Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, and Boston. At the founders’ meeting that coincided with the Jewish holiday of Purim, the group took the name Hadassah, the Hebrew name of the biblical heroine Esther, central figure in the celebration of Purim.

Szold was the driving spirit behind the establishment of the first medical school in Palestine, as well as the country’s first Tipat Halav mother and child clinics, the first hospital in Tel Aviv and the two Hadassah hospitals in Jerusalem.

The founding date for the Lawrence chapter of Hadassah,  now, Hadassah of the MerrimackValley, was  January 19, 1925 with signatures by Henrietta Szold and Zip Szold on the charter.

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