Hood School (Lawrence, MA)

The Gilbert E. Hood School opened its doors in 1905.  It was named for a superintendant of Schools.  It was located at 35 Park St.  This picture owned by Maria Smith shows what we believe is a 6th grade class in 1957.  The season is Christmastime and the teacher, if it is a 6th grade class, is a Miss Anna Sullivan.  Maria Smith’s husband, Joseph Smith, is in a plaid shirt in the front row.   To anyone who might remember the teacher or were perhaps in this class, we would love to hear from you.  The school closed in 1961 and was torn down a few years later.


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  1. Was this the only high school in lawrence, 1949? I am looking for info. On the grad. Program, held in the Warner Theatre, with, Fredrick Fuller, solo pianist, playing, Oscar Straus, and Doyle Lecart, for the graduates of, Lawrence High. Any info would be needed for Fred Fuller, who is living in, Saulsberry, ma., and is very ill. Thank you, Giles MacQueen.

  2. Regarding hood school 1957 my brother michael m cozzone and anna m cozzone we were twins this was year we graduated I rember joseph smith omg can’t believe it so happy found this today

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  4. Graduate in 1960 I think Mr Sullivan was the principal

  5. I am graduate of 1961 hood school looking for pictures or an kids still alive

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