Book Club Lawrence Public Library (2011-12) Bread and Roses

The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library welcome readers, union organizers, and activists to join us in reading eight books to commemorate the Centennial of the 1912 Bread and Roses textile workers’ strike!  From September through April we will be reading a selection of fiction and non-fiction books that will take us into the labor turmoil and progressive politics of the early 20th century.  The authors of the first and last selections are expected to attend.  The final book, Bread and Roses, too!, will be part of a city-wide read in March and April.  We hope to have many of the volumes available for sale at either the Library or at the Andover Book Store.

There is a choice of two dates, a Monday (6:00 PM) and a Thursday (3:00 PM), for discussion.  These groups will meet on the 3rd floor of the Lawrence Public Library at 51 Lawrence Street.  Please contact Louise Sandberg at 978-620-3606 and

I will be including a list of other material to read or watch over the next few months.  I am expecting Bruce Watson, the author of the first book, at our first meeting, September 26th.

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