Third War Loan Drive (Third Victory War Bond Drive) Lawrence, MA

The Library owns a digital copy of an image rich scrapbook about Third War Loan Drive owned by Charles Cronin, Lawrence Postmaster.

The Postmaster general of the United States, Fred Shuppe, sent out a notice August 30, 1943, to postmasters throughout the country.  The notice mentioned that the country needed to raise $15 billion to aid the war effort and that $5 billion of that would need to come from individuals.  To this effort every man, woman, and child would need to buy an extra bond in September.  This was followed by other letters particularly addressing the local postmaster to urge his employees to enroll 100%.  The first meeting of a committee formed to implement the drive was September 17, 1943.   Postal workers had already started to canvas their routes to sell war bonds and stamps.  By September 16 postmen had raised $8700.  September 18 the Spiggot Falls Hayshakers (musical group) played at a rally on the steps of the Lawrence Post Office while the postal workers worked the crowd selling bonds.  Appearances were made at the Breen School and the Polish National Church.  Bedsides the Postal Workers, the Ayer Mill, Cardillo chapter Italian-American World War Vets of the US, the YMHA, St. Francis Church, and the Polish-American unit helped raise money.   At the Block Party and Bond Drive September 21 Victor Mature, on leave from the Coast Guard appeared.  Admission was 25c in an area on Common Street west of Broadway.  Music was provided by Roland Russell’s Ramblers.  The Mistress of Ceremonies was Miss Rita Conroy.  Nine vaudeville acts were offered by two local nightclubs.  A group of French soldiers also entertained the crowd.

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