Charles Cronin (1890-1947)

Charles A. Cronin was born to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cronin, a well known druggist, in Lawrence,Mass. September 22, 1890.  He graduated fromLawrence High School in 1910.  After high school he attended the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Charles A. Cronin enlisted in the US Army in 1917 after American entered the war.  He later would serve in the new US Air Service as a pilot inFrance. He was appointed a Second Lieutenant by the French War Ministry (French Flying Corps).  His interest in aviation continued throughout his life and probably led to his interest in Airmail Week and the LawrenceMunicipalAirport.  Just before he died he was named a member of the Municipal Airport Commission.  Before he joined the US Postal Service he was associated with Jersey Ice Cream.  Cronin was appointed acting Postmaster June 22, 1933.  He later received a four year appointment from President Roosevelt and was reappointed in 1938.   He was finally appointed postmaster in 1944.  His responsibilities covered Lawrence,Methuen andNorth Andover.  He was a member of the National Association of Postmasters, American Legion Post 15, and Veterans of Foreign Wars,Lawrencepost 1549.  He died November 18, 1947.  He married Gertrude P. Walsh and had two children, Charles A., Jr. and Virginia Kane. 

The Library was given access by the family to three scrapbooks that were among Mr. Cronin’s effects.  One covers his experiences in the First World War; the second documents Airmail week in Lawrence (1938); and the last one pertains to the Third War Bond Drive (1943).

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