Bernard Wefers, track star

Bernard J. Wefers was the first man to earn the title “world’s fastest human”.  He was born in Lawrence Feb. 19, 1873.  He attended St. Mary’s School through fourth grade until the family moved to Lowell.  He resided at 88 Summer St. with his mother, Minnie Wefers and his brother James.   He was attending Boston College when his athletic ability was first noticed.  Later he attended Georgetown University where he became the World Record holder for the 220 yard dash at 21 and 1/5 seconds in 1896.  In stead of completing a Medical course at Georgetown he joined the Nwe York Ahtletic Club where he ran as a sprinter until he retired from running to coach.   He  held the world record for the 200-metre dash (straightaway; 1896–1921, though tied by five other runners) and for the 220-yard dash (straightaway; 1896–1921, also tied by the same five runners). He set 29 records at one time or another in the 100, 220, and 300.  His 100 record last for 35 years.  He died April 18, 1957 in New York at the age of 84

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