Bailey Street Fire Station Weathervane (Lawrence, MA)

Richard Tardiff, John Marsh, Martin Dallon, Wayne Pellerin, Gilbert Soucy, Robert Higgins, Fred Bunting

This weather vane once graced the top of the Engine 9 Fire station onBailey Street.  It was removed from the station in 1983 for repair and was not seen again for many years.  Local citizens found the weathervane in an antique shop inBostonand from there it was removed to theLawrenceCity Hall.  In 2009 it was discovered in one of the vaults in City Hall and removed with other historical materials to the Lawrence Public Library. 

The Bailey Street Engine House was built in 1908 by William P. Regan for $15,697.50.  There is no record of the purchase of the weathervane in city records.  Similar weathervanes were made at Westervelt (NY), Cushing & White (Waltham,Mass.), and Harris & Co. (Boston).  The cost of a similar item in the 1880 was $175.

It can now be viewed with one of its horses on the third floor of the Lawrence Public Library.

From the 1883 A.B. & W.T. Westervelt catalog

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