Reservoir (Lawrence, MA)

The Lawrence Aqueduct Company was formed in 1848 as a first measure to develop a water system a water system in the area.  Prior to this time, residents of the area were dependent on wells and cisterns.  The first city reservoir was built on Prospect Hill and had a million gallon capacity.  This was soon seen as inadequate for the city’s growing needs.  The reservoir, in this photograph, is located on Tower Hill.  It was constructed in 1874-75 and has a capacity of forty million gallons. 

This panorama photograph was taken in the early 1920s by George H. Leck.  Bellevue and St. Mary’s Cemeteries are in the foreground.

3 Responses

  1. Could this photo be taken from the top of the nearby Water Tower?

  2. Can anyone tell me what happened to the house that was at the end of Ames st. next to the tower.

  3. […] Emory, Lowell, and Essex Streets and Riverside Drive (surrounds the Water Tower and the Reservoir) […]

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