City Hall Eagle (Lawrence, MA)

July 23, 2010, Mike Morley from the Lawrence DPW Department brought two items to the Lawrence Public Library local history room for preservation.  One was a framed portrait of Daniel Sanders, Sr., founder of the city and the second was a brown paper parcel with “City Hall Eagle” written on the outside.  This bundle had migrated from department to department finally landing in the library.  The contents include six pieces of wood: 2 pieces of the feathers of the wing, a curved beak, and 3 pieces of dowel.  More will be written on this page in the future, but for now these pieces are what remains of the first gilded eagle that sat upon the cupola on City Hall.  It was commissioned in 1848 from John M. Smith, then a member of the Board of Selectmen and cost $500.   The bird was perched on a ball and pedestal 156 above the ground and was 9’6″ from beak to tail.   The eagle was ina postion ready to spread its wings to fly just like the new town.   When the wooden eagle came down and the present brass one went up is not known.  Nor is it known where the rest of the eagle is.

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