Military Relief (Lawrence, MA)

At the close of the Civil War cities and towns all over the country (both north and south) were left with many disabled veterans and families of the dead.  Most of them were in great need and local communities found ways of providing pensions by a variety of funding options.  In Lawrence, Massachusetts a subcommittee from the Committee on Finance started distributing funds.  This started April 1865 just as the war ended.  The original funds appeared to be from the general treasury by way of warrant.  Funds received are on the left hand page; funds distributed are on the right hand side.  The account book used both black and red ink. 

State aid was added to the funding in 1868 due to the Massachusetts act 172 of 1866 (May 29).  Massachusetts act 301 of 1879 (April 30) took effect in 1885 in the City of Lawrence.  Chapter 561 of 1898 superseded Chapter 301 in 1898 and payment to Civil War veterans and families continue in this book until 1920.  Finally act 179 (April 16, 1917) and 108 (March 27, 1918) began providing for veterans and families of the “German War” (World War I).

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