Stockton Park (Lawrence, MA)

From 1906 atlas

Search for the individual for whom Stockton Park in South Lawrence was named has been very difficult.  The 1875 maps of Lawrence do not yet show the streets that would surround the park.  The annual report of 1885 first recognizes the city parks, but that area was not yet so designated.  However through due diligence the city’s annual report of 1897 notes that during the month of April the Essex Company deeded to the City Park Commission a triangular piece of land of 16,268 square feet at the junction of South Union Street and Winthrop Avenue (later also bound by Dorchester Street).  The condition of this gift was that the City spend $1500 on the land within two years.  “The park has been named Stockton Park for the treasurer of the Essex Company.”  The city proceeded to curb the park the next year.  Howard Stockton served as the Essex Company treasurer from the 1880s to 1931.

It is believed that Stockton Park was rededicated to Vietnam veterans in the late sixties or early seventies, but we have no details on this.  If there ia any corroborating evidence for this please comment.

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