Book Club Lawrence Public Library (Lawrence, MA)

The Friends of the Lawrence Public Library sponsored a book club in 2004/05 and has completed six seasons.  Topics covered were: Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Nobel Prize winners, Bread and Roses Strike, the art of the Novella, and Banned Books. 

Recommendation: The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  A good follow up to Strange Fruit.

20September 27, 30 Andrew Coburn Goldilocks

October 25, 28 Per Petterson Out stealing horses

November 15, 18 John Dos Passos Manhattan Transfer

December 13, 16 Tatiana de Rosnay Sarah’s key

January 24, 27 Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa Daughters of the stone

February 14, 17 Kazuo Ishiguro. Never Let Me Go

March 21, 24 Jack Kerouac The Town and the City

April 25, 29 P.G. Wodehouse Young men in spats

Movies we recommend:

An education – education of a teenager in 1960s London

Afghan Star – Afghan American Idol

Departures – Japanese cellist turned casketer

Children of Heaven – Iranian film.  A real jewel!

Earth – Deepa Mehta film about Indian partition

Fire – Deepa Mehta film about women in India

Water – Deepa Mehta film about a girl widow

Monsoon Wedding – Indian wedding not to be missed!

Food, Inc. – Don’t watch if you want to eat dinner tonight.

Vinterkyss – Swedish/Norwegian drama set in the arctic night.

The band’s visit – Palestinian band/Israeli village, very well done.

The dead girl – six stories, one corpse

Outrageous – Closeted gay politicians, for liberal political junkies.

Border Cafe – Iranian woman strives for her own independence.

Capitalism: a love story – Michael Moore’s take on economics

Pirate Radio – Great music from the 60s

Baader-Meinhof complex – German film about activism in Germany druing the late 60s and early 70s

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – new Swedish movie, worth the wait

The White Ribbon – German film set in Northern German village Pre World War I

Mother – South Korean film about an extraordinarily excessive mother

The stoning of Soraya M. – more brutality against women

The Cow – 1969 Iranian classic.  LPL owns this.  Rceommneded, but this film does not show humanity in a good light.

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