Engineering Department (Lawrence, MA)

Lawrence Street Bridge over the Spicket River

During the summer of 2009 a great deal of archival material was moved from the City Hall vaults to the Lawrence Public Library.  Much of the material was from the Engineering Department.

The various parts of this collection are listed below with separate numbers.  Processing has been completed and the material is ready for the public to use.

2009.9.2.1 Letters

2009.9.2.2 Letters out

2009.9.2.3 Trade circulars

2009.9.2.4 Letters topical

2009.9.2.5 Deeds and sketches for lot plans 1880-90s

2009.9.2.6 Scrapbooks*

2009.9.2.7 Street watering*

2009.9.2.8 Sidewalk assessment*

2009.9.2.9 Correspondence*

2009.9.2.10 Analysis of sand

2009.9.2.11  Microfilm of plans

2009.9.2.12 Shanty Pond Sewers*

2009.9.2.13 Street plans*

2009.9.2.14 Sewer plans*

2009.9.2.15 Spicket River improvements*

2009.9.2.16 Annual reports*

2009.9.2.17 Gale’s Hill*

2009.9.2.18 Contracts and specifications*

2009.9.2.19 Sewer assessments*

2009.9.2.20 Minutes

2009.9.2.21 Union St. Bridge stonework

22.  2009.9.2.22 Miscellaneous

2009.9.2.24 Correspondence*

2009.9.2.25 Plans (large folder in map case)

Starred collections have separate finding aids.

Preceding the Engineering Department of today (2010) the original designation was a Commissioner of Streets.  The first annual report was published in 1854, the first full year that Lawrence was a city.  The Commissioner of Streets was responsible for streets:  paving, watering, and general upkeep.  He was also responsible for sewerage and sidewalks. 

Arthur D. Marble became City Engineer in 1879.  He was subservient to the Commissioner of Streets and sewers.   In 1912 when the city charter changed so too did the hierarchy.  Paul Hannigan became the Director of Engineering with these departments under his supervision: Streets, Sewers, sidewalks, paving, street watering, water works, bridges, and the city engineer.

At present (2010) the Engineering Department is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works.  The City Engineer is Santo Nicolosi.

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