Street Scenes 1921-1931 (Lawrence, MA)

This collection is composed mostly of 8×10 black and white photographs.   There are 11 5×7 black and white photos.  Photographer George H. Leck took the photos taken during the years 1923 and 1924. He also took 16 images of an ice storm that occurred Nov. 29, 1921.  All of Mr. Leck’s photographs were backed on fabric rather than just paper.  The photos from other years developed on paper alone.   The photographers, John B. Moore took the 1927 photos and Eleazar Thibault the ones from 1928.  Both series of photos were mounted on paper alone.  There are several photographs taken by the Saunders Studio on April 8, 1931.

The majority of the photographs document downtown Lawrence during the early 1920s.  Essex and Common Streets between Union and Broadway were systematically photographed.  Other streets covered are Methuen, Lawrence, Jackson, Canal, Amesbury, Merrimack, Broadway, and areas of South Lawrence.

Images can be found on the Digital Commonwealth.

2 Responses

  1. My grandmother Grace Furnari had a store on Essex St in Lawrence in the 60’s called Grace’s Dry Goods. Are there any photos of Essex St from the 60’s?


    Julie (Clement) Pagliarulo

  2. […] rest.  Collections included are: NRA Parade (2000.3), Father O’Reilly Jubilee parade (2001.12), Lawrence, Mass. Streetscapes (2001.11), God and Country Parade 1962 (2000.5), Lawrence, Mass. Textile strike 1912 broadsides (2003.5), […]

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